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Company News

county Party secretary into enterprise for survey,encourage enterprise to spped uo the development

author:   Date:2012-10-29   Hits:6807


On October 9,Loujianming CPC Xinchang county Part secretary with Yangang Deputy County Mayor, County Party committee OfficeCounty OfficeHigh Technology Industry Park, Council, Statistical BureauPeople's Bank of China and department is mainly responsible person for going to the company for survey and guidance work. Zhangbihong company chairman and other leaderships accompanied with them for survey.

Loujianming secretary investigated the company suspension spring and precision spring production workshop. The chairman of the board of ZhangBiHong introduced the production and management situation and the future development planning to Lou secretary,and he gave the full affirmation to the steady development and innovation achievement of the company, encouraged company to inspire confidence, seized the opportunity, accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading,and gave company actively support on land resource.

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