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Company News

MaYongLiang County Mayor, came to the company for survey

author:   Date:2012-03-12   Hits:3183


On February 3,Xinchang County Clerkcounty Mayor, MaYongLiang came to the company to survey starting working condition of the new spring . The company leadership ZhangBiHong, zhang hui, YuJianMing and other leaderships accompanied with them for survey.

The chairman of the board ZhangBiHong made a brief introduction to the county Mayor Ma about the company's current production and management condition and future planning,etc,and introduced in detail that since the beginning of spring the work resumes and  product sales condition,etc.After the county Mayor Ma heard the introduction,he gave the full affirmation to the company’s 2011 annual achievement,and hoped that company continue to strengthen management, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the staff to lay the solid foundation for better and faster development in the New Year.