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ADD: NO1365.west Xinchang Ave Xinchang county , Zhejiang Province, China
ZIP: 312500
General Manager 0086-575-86060535
Marketing Depat: 0086-575-86060868
Intel's Dept: 0086-575-86064535
FAX: 0086-575-86060678
E-mail: sales@china-springs.com

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About Meili

  Zhe Jiang MeiLi High Technology CO.,LTD., set up in 1990, with more than 250 employees and land area 30000 square meters, is the backbone enterprise of China Spring Industry. Located in Zhejiang province, the company has completed the products range focusing on automotive, covering motorcycle, engineering machinery, petroleum transport and conveying, precision instrument, sport apparatus and mechanical devices etc, all of them have been sold in more than 30 countries and regions across the world.
  “Meili” trademark means pursuit of perfection, which was rated as “Top ten most famous Trademark of China”. Since 2006, the company has participated positively in drafting numerous national and industry standard such as “valve spring” and “shot peening technology” etc, making our contributions to the growth of China spring Industry.   Following the concepts of being customer oriented and aiming at quality and scale effect, the company is dedicating to be internationally competitive with the ideal to be the world-known spring supplier.