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Company News

Entering Village into the enterprise for big interview, Solve the prombles for development

author:   Date:2012-04-16   Hits:5391


After the Spring Festival this year went to work, Zhejiang provincial Party committee and provincial government issued a mobilization order, concentrated five months time and adopted level 4(province, city, county and township) linked ways to carry out  the big visit activities,which the main contents is “entering village into the enterprise, boost development, strengthen the service " . Commission of Zhejiang Province, CPPCC of Shaoxing city, City Business Bureau, City Internal Revenue Service,CPC Xinchang county Part,county People's Congress,county CPPCC, county Party committee organization department,county Bureau of Finance, Local Tax Bureau, Councilsafety supervision Bureau,Ruao town government with other departments and leaderships went to the company for interview and survey in succession , guided the company's innovation and development, enthusiastically helped company solve problems of shortage of land and limited development space,etc